Welcome to CODELIFE Indie Game Studio
[2022] Rune Teller - Main Trailer

This is an overview trailer that shows the gameplay of Rune Teller. In the Open World, you can experience gathering, mining, fishing, crafting, combat, and adventure. If your heart beats, you are ready!

[2022] Rune Teller - Battle Trailer

This is a battle trailer by Rune Teller. It shows the battles against the enemies that you'll encounter along the way through the Runegea. Start an exciting journey with your friends.

[2022] Rune Teller - Story Trailer

This is a story trailer by Rune Teller. You have to unravel the story that has survived the ruins of Runas. Be a powerful Rune Teller, travel to Runegea and find out the behind story.



Who we are?

- We are developing a game with only two men.

- Our studio located in Republic of Korea.

What we make?

- We are making Openworld RPG in Steam Platform.

- We are good at Multiplay Action Game.

Why we make a game?

- We loves RPG Games like Zelda, Skyrim, Valheim, Monster Hunter...

- We are young and full of passion.